Donnerstag, Oktober 20, 2005

Ich und ein Hellseher? - Me, a psychic?

Aha, ... auch wenn ich glaube, dass Psychopat besser passt, wenn das Internet sagt, ich bin Hellseher, dann bitte, muss es wohl stimmen! :-P

So,... I guess psychotic would have hit the nail, but well, if the internet says I'm psychic, then it _has_ to be true ! :-P

Your hidden talent is psychic

You are able to foresee certain things, and prevent bad things from happening to yourself. It could just be a lot of common sense, but it’s probably something a little more.

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Montag, Oktober 17, 2005

Hof im Herbst - Autumn in Hof

sunset in the forest behind my college

medieval door handle at St. Michaelis church

sculpture and rising moon outside the college

inside the Fachhochschule

the river Saale in Hof

N-Roads autumn romatique ;P

Golden trees all over town.

The Irish window of Hof's Celtic Shop

Bunt sind schon die Wälder ... :)

Hof, Ludwigstrasse und Rathaus - high street and town hall

Autumn impression near Moschendorf - the village my Ma's living in.

Musical revelations

Saturday night I slept in listening to songs on my MP3-Player ... the yoke was on repeat, so it played the 30-something songs stored on it over and over again. At around half four in the morning I must have turned around and somehow touched the Volume buttons ... because all of a sudden I woke up and this song was on, very very loud and very very ... touching. For a while there I wasn't actually sure if I was just dreaming it or not ...

And this most amazing, touching, under-the-skin-going, so totally true song is:

Damien Rice's "The Blower's Daugther"

" I can't take my eyes off of you..."

Its so simple, its soo good. I can rarely think of any other song that would so exactly express the feeling of missing someone you can't have ... especially at the end, when she's kinda making exactly that clear to him, the lyrics change to "I can't take my mind off of you..." and eventually he concludes "Til I find someone new..."

Ah well.

Well, as the title uses plural (as in revelation_s_), there has to be another musical thing that struck me this weekend... so yeah, Sunday I was watching "The most fertile man in Ireland"
... and in some particular scene (I'm not gonna spoil it for those who haven't seen it yet, for everyone else, I just say 'clock tower' ;-P), this song - "The Island", a very good friend recommended to me earlier this summer was being played.

Funny enough, it was only 2 songs prior to "Blower's Daughter" on my mp3 player, ... so the two songs were still engraved in my brain at the time I watched the film.

If youse are asking now "Rite, and what exactly does the author want to tell us? Where's the message?" - Don't worry, there isn't any ... this is my blog and I just thought I need to write this down because its important to me :-P

Also, sorry to all who miss the German translation, I'm a bit too lazy do translate it to German right now, might do it later :)