Donnerstag, März 30, 2006

a late one at the office...

or, as John puts it: "burning the midnight-oil" - well, oil would be the Guinness in this case here.

Anyway, its late, its dark and I can't wait to get up for the early lecture tomorrow. *yawn*.

Mittwoch, März 29, 2006

spreadin' the word: Carlow is the place to go

Today, I held a presentation at the Fachhochschule about the Carlow Institute of Technology.

It was all thrown together in a bit of a hurry, only started last night at about 10pm.

But it all went grand, there were about 15 interested students listening to what I had to tell them bout good old Carlow. The responsible international office girl later told me that my presentation was among the more popular ones, other countries/locations attracted less listeners.

So, yeah, everybody was quite happy with the information I could give them. Sure I was all positive about Carlow and Ireland but I also told them bout the downsides of rural Ireland and how things distinctly work different on the Isle.

(to be continued)