Samstag, Dezember 17, 2005

looks like I'll be reemigrating sooner than I thought

Germany! Land of the tidy roads, fast autobahns and punctual trains ... and home of a bureaucrazy beyond human comprehension.

I got a letter today from my German college, informing me that, from January on, I'll be paying EUR 500.00 per semester - unless I can take all outstanding exams and the final thesis right now and finish until March 14 2006 - yeah right. If they had told me in October, I might have had a chance, but now its defininately too late - I can't even register for them exams any more, 'cause exam registration was in November.

So, to put it in a nutshell, it pretty much looks like I'll have to give up my studies - just because of some stupid Bavarian law that's been around for so and so long but that no-one talks about until they are sure that you can't escape them.

Shit, I should have never returned from Ireland in the first place. All I wanted is to finish my course here, get that German degree and off I would have been. Now they want to turn me into someone who is depending on social welfare ... ARGH!

So, anyone know someone renting out a room in Dublin? Anyone knows of a job for me yonder?
I'm fed up with Germany. This is it ... I want to get out of here!