Montag, März 20, 2006

College's fun!

Well, ... this is the story of how I got kicked out of college ...

On Friday I received a letter sent by my German college's administration office. It read something like this "Dear Mr. Schubert, the university of applied sciences XXX has decided to expel you from our institution on grounds of you failing to register in time for the current summer term".


Exactly what you need on a Friday afternoon, just the thing to sweeten your Paddy's Day and weekend.

It goes without saying that I had paid and registered in time, which is exactly why I was not happy with that letter.

So, while I wasn't in the mood for the black stuff on Friday and after fantasising about all kinds of revenge to take against those guys in the college administration, I rang them up on Monday morning.

Turned out that they just had overlooked something in their system and sent out the letter by accident so to speak.


Well, eventually, I was told to tear the letter up into pieces and forget about the incident. I've thrown away the letter alrite, but to forget, it might take a wee bit longer than just a few days ;-)